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Horizontal Baggers



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Pillow Bag

Gusseted Stand-up Bag

Flat Bottom


Stabilo Seal

Doy Pack

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal

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Some Common Bag Styles


 Packaging Machines

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal machines offer an alternative to horizontal baggers which simply fill pre-made bags. Horizontal baggers take up a much larger footprint and changeovers involve numerous stations. Vertical systems (VFFS) can offer increased flexibility and efficiencies. They are a technically advanced automatic filling method for forming roll stock into a diverse range of bag shapes and sizes. The modular design ensures the system is perfectly equipped for future packaging needs, new bag designs or new wrapping materials. Complement the system with a filler/weigher, date coder and other options for a complete bagging/pouching solution from a single source.

The links below offer a preview of some of the equipment we offer. Since the variations are complex, we invite you to contact us for a more detailed information package or to request a site visit using the "Contact" button above. 

Incline Infeed Conveyor
Bossar BMK-2600
Rovema VFFS System